Marry or not?

Paul’s suggestion is: it is good not to marry (7:1,7,8).

Marry for avoiding fornication (7:2). It is better to marry than to burn. (7:9,36)



No departure (7:10), except for the following cases:

  1. “with consent for a time”, devote to fasting and prayer. (7:5)
  2. The unbelieving departs. (7:15)

Even if one has to depart, remain unmarried, be reconciled. (7:11)

If one believes and the other has not yet believed, let the willing spouse stay. (7:12-14)

We are to remain the same status when converted (7:20)--circumcised or uncircumcised (7:18-19), servant or freeman (7:21-23), married or single (7:25-27). 

Paul prefers to be single, as the married cares for the world but the single cares for the Lord’s matters. (7:32-35, 37,40)

For those who remarry (7:39), there are 2 conditions:

  1. the spouse is dead.
  2. marry the believer.